Statement Regarding COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) Update 03/18/2020

Here at LEAFBLOOM Organics, the health and well-being of our customers, staff and communities is our top priority. We are actively monitoring the status of the COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) and wanted to advise you the steps we currently and will continue taking in order to provide safe and exceptional products to our customers.

In addition to performing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), we sterilize equipment, containers for products, machinery and lab utensils using a two-stage sterilization process. Furthermore, we have now implemented the following:

  1.  Limiting access to any of our manufacturing facilities and processes to only a select few team members that are necessary for the production of our products.
  2. Consistent sanitation of surfaces after each customer for our retail stores and increased precautions for manufacturing facilities.
  3. Monitoring all employee within manufacturing facilities and retails stores to ensure they are in exceptional health and wellness and not showing any signs of symptoms.
  4. Continuing education on procedures and understanding the importance of maintaining hygiene and added sanitation measures to ensure the integrity of the products you expect from LEAFBLOOM Organics.
  5. Restricting all travel to employees working in manufacturing facilites and retails stores until the pandemic is considered resolved while also requiring the reporting of any travel that may be considered at risk.

Due to the nature of the increased concerns of COVID-19, we would like to further address to our customers that the health, safety, and well-being of our customers, staff and communities is our number one priority and we intend to be available as a resource to our customers during this trying time.

We will continue to remain open for curbside only, therefore please call in advance to place orders and we would like to encourage our customers to use our online website for purchases that are for free delivery or shipping. If there is a brand that you are searching for that is only found in our retail store, please call 360-682-3388. In order to encourage the use of our online website, please use code: HEALTH at checkout for 10% OFF your entire cart and free shipping.

Thank you for always being a valued LEAFBLOOM Organics customer.