How much CBD should I take?

How much CBD should I take?

The Question: How much CBD should I take? Is often asked when a CBD consumer is looking to find relief using the natural alternative; CBD.

The truth is the ideal dosage varies between individuals, however, you may find that when taking on CBD for the first time, the best way to start is by starting on a low dose and increasing as needed until you reach the desired effects. Dosage varies between individuals depending on weight, metabolism, body structure and more. When taking on CBD for the first time, we recommend that you keep track of the experienced effects and increase or decrease your dosage based on your needs. With a LEAFBLOOM Organics tincture, our droppers have a mL (millimeter) measure that measures your dose between 0.25mL-1.00mL this allows you to actually see exactly the amount CBD you’re putting into your body and allows you to increase or decrease based on your needs. When you find your “Sweet Spot” we recommend keeping that dose the same until you deem fit to increase.

This consistent dose will allow you to determine whether or not another CBD product will work for you or if you need a lot of that product to get the desired effects. Example: “My ideal dose is 20mg of CBD for sleeping, but I would like to try capsules or gummy bears that each contain 5mg of CBD.” In a scenario like this, the optimal dose would require four (4) capsules or gummy bears to reach your desired effects. The best route to take is to purchase products that meet your needs. Our Wild Berry Gummy Bears with 20mg of CBD would be the best choice for this person to get an adequate dose due to the desired effects experienced at a dose of 20mg of CBD.

The recommended daily dosage for seasoned CBD veterans is between 30-60mg. Depending on the condition, severity, or desired effects, one could essentially require more or less. Our products cater to those who want CBD on the smaller and higher dosing side, up to and including products that contain 5000mg of CBD.

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