About LEAFBLOOM Organics CBD Oil

About LEAFBLOOM Organics CBD Oil

At LEAFBLOOM Organics, our main priority is to ensure our customers have a positive experience with the products we manufacture and the integrity of a truly pure, organic, and unrivaled hemp product.

We grow our hemp locally in Orting, WA, in the heart of the Pacific Northwest near Mount Rainier. Our philosophy is to grow hemp organically with nutrient rich soil free of heavy metals and pesticides, organic nutrients and with adequate lighting. The majority of our oil comes from our farm locally and the rest from our Certified USDA Organic partner farm in Oregon. We believe natures intent to deliver wellness comes from a naturally raw product. With that said, we leave our oil raw, unprocessed, solvent-less and never add anything, period. What you get is a whole plant extracted product with a rich terpene and cannabinoid profile including all of the naturally occurring flavonoids, phytocannabinoids, chlorophyll, fats and lipids, as nature intended. This is how we produce an unrivaled hemp product that is uncompromised and never altered.

Our oil is then tested to ensure our desired levels of CBD/CBDA ratios and then we begin our manufacturing process of adding the oil to our exceptional thoughtful products. Each product manufactured is QC (Quality Control) checked individually for serving size accuracy and container volume accuracy. Then each product is then carefully packaged and labeled and put on the shelves for our customers.

From beginning to end, we oversee the process ourselves and source all of our ingredients from the Pacific Northwest. All Certified Organic by the USDA. Consumers should never have to worry if their product is GMO, non-organic, has pesticides or heavy metals and should feel like any CBD company has transparency. As a family company, our passion comes from natural wellness. We never take shortcuts at LEAFBLOOM Organics and our customers should never expect anything less.

To  learn more about CBD and CBDA, our extraction process and more, click HERE to visit our Knowledge Base.